Computers Grades 6-9

Computers 6-9

computer-moniterThe MS/HS Computer Lab received a “Technology Facelift” this past summer. All new HP computers were installed with the updated version of Microsoft 2016.  Thank you Technology Department.

All students Grades 6 – 12 received a log-in (username) and created their own passwords securing their accounts.  Also, each student has a Z: Drive, which is a network location where they may save and access academic material from any FRCS computer on site.  (Grade 6 – 9 students’ set-up folders in their Z: Drive during computer class to ease access of retrieving saved information.)

School Brains student portal is up and running. During computer class (Grades 6 -9), students logged into their account ensuring access from home.  An email went home to parents regarding Computers class and the School Brains portal.


Here you will find all the hype about students “playing”

A free worldwide real-time typing competition. Complete in typing races while improving students typing skills.

Click the link and start a race of your own.


keep-calm-and-go-to-the-computer-labOnline Databases:

Offsite log-in for Encyclopedia Britannica is available for FRCS students.

Offsite log-in for EBSCO is available for FRCS students.

Login information was given to each student through computer classes by the instructor.

Kimberly Dolan, Computer Teacher,