Arts Program Middle School Grades 5-8





FRCS Art Department Grades 5 – 12        Spring 2017                       Robin Katz Art Teacher

You can’t spell SMART without ART!  Winter is creative and exciting in the Art Department at FRCS!

  • Grade 5
    • Furniture Bash Fun!! Fifth graders are completing their whimsical illustrations of Shel Silverstein’s crazy poem.  In this unit they have learned drawing in perspective, personification and text design within their illustrations.  They are making furniture come to life in these zany room settings.
    • Van Gogh’s Starry Night Fifth graders are beginning their art history unit on artist Vincent Van Gogh.  They will look at his beautiful Impressionistic paintings to explore his style of strong, linear paint strokes and striking color blends to capture and render expression in his images.  They will create their own version of his famous painting “Starry Night” in oil pastel.
  • Grade 6
    • Mind of Posters! Sixth graders used humor and idea development to get into the mind of an object, person or animal and show off these funny, clever thoughts in dynamic poster design.  In addition to improving their Brainstorming techniques, the learned skills in composition and typography.  The results are creative, playful and fun!
    • Self-Portraits! Sixth graders are currently working on chalk pastel self-portrait busts as they learn facial feature proportions and color shading to draw themselves realistically then they have done in the past.  Seeing the improvement from their first portraits as they develop skills has been super exciting!!
  • Grade 7
    • Swapped Texture Drawings! Seventh graders are exploring texture, color, value and pattern while tapping into their creativity in this fun project.  They chose 2 animals or objects with strong texture, then swapped them in striking drawings.  They are working on creating unusual juxtapositions of the two animals or objects for an added element of surprise and delight.
    • Hero Murals! Building on their Character Education classes, the seventh graders are sharing and voting on their heroes to create collective, large-scale class murals in oil pastel.  Similar to the art of Chuck Close, they will apply oil pastel skills and his rendering approach as they individually draw small sections of a portrait then assemble them into a large class mural.
  • Grade 8
    • Pop Art Paintings! Eighth graders are finishing their unit on Pop Art and learned that the 1970’s Movement celebrated mass produced ordinary, every-day objects and made them look extraordinary in their art.  They learned about and drew art after artists Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg, and they are creating tempera paintings in the comic-style art of Roy Lichtenstein.
    • Tessellations! Next, eighth graders will combine geometry with art as they study the tessellations of artist M.C. Escher and learn how to transform a square into a unique, interlocking shape from which they will create a whole tessellating design of their own.

For more information please contact  Mrs. Robin Katz

Middle School Art Club

The Middle School Art Club is beginning work on some extended time pieces that will be on display for the Celebrate Arts Night in May of 2017! Dagnan-Bouveret_Pascal_Adolf_Jean-ZZZ-Watercolourist_in_the_Louvre

For student Artists who are interested in exploring their artistic talents in a variety of media with other students who have a similar focus.  This group is improving their artistic techniques and skills in an after school setting with more individualized attention and is able to explore mediums that lend themselves more readily to a smaller group setting.  The Middle School Art Club is an place where students can focus on artistic contests, and regular members who show artistic promise may have the opportunity to become a member of the Junior Art Honor Society.  The Art club meets on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00pm in room 129.  If you have questions or would like become a part of the Middle School Art Club please contact Mrs. Shannon Riley.