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Welcome to Elementary Art K-4

Elementary Art Spring EditionSelection of Pencils Paper Mache

1st – 4th Grades:

The “Many Media Paper Mache Collaborative”

Most recently in the art room the students from 1st through 4th grade have been very busy in the art room creating 1-4 Pencils 1their own paper-Mache sculpture of some art media. The first graders were in charge of creating markers, the second graders were challenged to make crayons, third graders created colored pencils, and finally, fourth grade was instructed to make drawing pencils. All of these different larger than life art supplies will be hung together in a large scale installation for the Celebrate the Arts Night, in May.

At all the different levels we focused on different objectives through the making of our sculptures. We learned all about the differenc1-4 Pencils 2es between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional work, the element of form, what an armature is, how to make paper-mache, and how to use it! Most importantly, we learned all about how working together as a team can result in something we c1-4 Pencils 3ould have never achieved on our own.1-4 Pencils 4








Our kindergarten artists have been busy learning about pop art this spring. We started our unit with an introduction to the contemporary art, Jim Dine. We explored his work and discovered that Kindergarten Hearts 2017he made art work in different styles. He sometimes painted in an abstract way, and then sometimes he also drew in a very realistic manner. We also learned that art often has a personal meaning to the artist. Jim Dine made many pictures of hearts to represent his love for his wife. With this as inspiration, and Valentine’s Day in the air, we set out making mixed media heart collages. They are beautiful!