Transitions are times when students experience substantial changes in their lives.  The Department of Student and Families provides services and supports for these challenges including individual counseling, family collaboration, small groups for students, family events, third-party referrals, and general information and resources.

Academic transitions most often occur during elementary to middle school, middle to high school, and high school to college.  Families are encouraged to attend the evening events planned at these times to hear about new expectations, get to know staff, and listen to advice from older students.   Other instances of academic transitions are when students transfer to our school, have extended absences for various reasons, or need an extended school year.

Students also experience transitions related to personal circumstances that may affect academic performance.   These most often include medical or mental health changes for themselves or someone in their family, social changes at school with peers, changes in family finances, the loss of a family member, or changes in family relationships.