Student Skills and Academic Transitions

Throughout middle school, higher academic expectations will be expected of students as they move through grade levels. These expectations are for their 5 academic subject areas and their integrated arts classes. There is a syllabus for each grade that consists of learning milestones, grading and assessment, and academic roles and expectations. Please click grade 6, grade 7, or grade 8 to locate the syllabus you need.

In 8th grade, all students complete a 4-year High School Academic Plan to help prepare them for their high school career. Parents are encouraged to explore the course catalog with their children in order to help build a strong academic plan. For any questions or concerns, parents can contact their child’s guidance counselor to schedule a meeting.

Upon entering high school, students will have 9th grade and 10th grade achievement teams that will aid in the academic transition to high school. Please click the “Academic Transition to High School” tab under the High School heading to learn more about these.

The guidance staff is in current collaboration to assess students’ needs and offer specific groups based on these needs. These groups include, but are not limited to: organizational skills, test anxiety, time management, etc. If you believe your student would benefit from any type of academic (or personal/social group for that matter), please contact your student’s counselor.