College Planning Resources

This resource is for 6th-8th graders and helps students create their first steps toward the college planning process. Topics include:
  • “WHEN Should I Consider College?”
  • “WHY Think About College Now?”
  • “What Can a College Education Do for Me?”
  • “WHERE Do I Start?”
  • “WHO Can Help Me Go to College?”
  • “HOW Will I Pay for College?”
This is a great resource that includes activity pages to help you be interactive with your child in the beginning stages of college planning.  It is never too early to start this process, and it is encouraged that you begin to have college conversations with your child in Middle School.

Writing And History Standards/Resources

  • FRCS is in the process of adopting universal writing expectations by grade level. The school has adopted the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) guidelines for when students cite sources and provide Works Cited pages.
  • Students will be held to the same writing standards in all their academic subjects. Please look at the 5-6 History Exemplar Rubric for an example on how a 6th grader’s written work will be evaluated. This explains what excellent, good, fair, and needs improvement work for the following categories: grammar/mechanics, structure/organization, citations,  and writing process.
  • Please look at 5-6 History Research Essay Exemplar doc for an example of a 6th grade student’s history essay. This document includes comments that
  • See here for aditional ELA Website Resources


Math Standards/Resources

More resources to come!