Middle School

As students enter middle school, additional emphasis is placed on the independent learning skills necessary to be successful in increasingly demanding courses.  Students must adapt to more challenging and complex content areas as well as a variety of teaching styles.  This can be a significant adjustment for a student and his or her family. 

There is no single approach or set of instructions that will uniformly support all students.  It is a time for exploration, probing limits, setting expectations, imagining possibilities, worrying about fitting in, and all while for everyone to try to be patient.  It is our belief that a process where successes and failures are both looked at as opportunities for greater learning is the healthiest perspective.  No one gets a full scholarship to college based on 7th grade and, similarly, no one is eliminated from going to college if 8th grade doesn’t go as well as planned.  A balanced focus on content mastery as well as student skills will be most helpful in the long-run.  

Please use the resources and information in the middle school pages as suggestions. Call us, email, or come in for a meeting - we’re here to support all student’s success.