Middle School

Middle school is a time when students develop independent learning skills to be successful in classes and in school activities.  Students experience a variety of new teaching styles and a much more complex curriculum.   Exploring, testing limits, imagining possibilities, worrying about fitting in, and finding out who you are also part of middle school.   Parenting a middle school child can be also be new and challenging.   In order to aid students and families in their middle school journey, Foxborough Regional Charter School and the Guidance/School Counseling Department provide a wide range of lessons, activities, and resources for middle school students to do their best.

Parenting Tips for Middle School by FRCS Parents

YMCA Field trip


Guidance Curriculum 

The Guidance Department focuses on curriculum designed to support the social, emotional and academic needs of students. Read below to find out about our exciting programming.

5th Grade Programming

  • “College Journeys” Project: All fifth grade students participate in a search, writing and exploration cross-disciplinary project between computer technology, the ELA Department and the Guidance Department. Classes were designed and led by the Guidance Counselor and English Teacher and included information about factors in choosing a college.
  • Rumors Stopper Program: All fifth grade students participate in lessons on ways that they can work together to stop rumors. The lesson reviewed why students spread rumors and the ways that they can hurt everyone in a school community. Students then reviewed sample situations and practiced a language for stopping rumors in school.
  • Boston vs. Bullies:  All fifth grade students learn about how to prevent, identify, and address bullying.  This presentation is given to the entire grade in an interactive assembly by a leading non-profit, educational organization in our area.

6th Grade Programming

  • Stopping Teasing Lessons: In 6th grade students read a book titled “Schooled” by Gordon Korman. In the book, a student who is homeschooled on a commune goes to a traditional public middle-school and has a lot to learn about the “rules of social acceptance” in middle-school. As part of this book, students will explore themes related to “fitting in,” “teasing” and “accepting others.” Two lessons will be co-taught by the Guidance Counselor and English teacher to help students discuss teasing and the role of the bully, bystander and victim in these situations.
  • Sixth Grade Career Fair: Students participate in a career fair in 6th grade during which students listen to five or six parents present their educational and career paths. Students complete a questionnaire based on career videos before the fair and complete a worksheet and open response assignment after hearing the presentations.
  • Sixth Grade Student of the Week Program: This program highlights students who have excelled. Students nominated for sixth grade student of the week, earn a certificate and their photos are featured on a bulletin board.

7th Grade Programming

  • Career Exploration Naviance Lessons: All 7th grade students participate in two lessons to help students understand their strengths and the ways their strengths relate to future potential careers. Students also complete the Naviance Strengths Explorer Survey and research potential careers that they are matched with.

8th Grade Programming

  • Advising Classes: All 8th grade students meet with the Guidance Counselor once per cycle as part of an advising class focusing on many important topics including preventing bullying, study skills, mental health awareness, and college/career exploration. Click 8th Grade Seminars 2015-2016 for a list of topics covered during the year.

Overall Programming

  • Middle-School Advising classes: All Middle School students participate in Advising classes.   These Advising consists of a small group of students and an advisor.   Advising classes meet once during the 6 day cycle to discuss a variety of topics relevant to success in middle-school. These topics include: organization, study skills, time management, appropriate social media use, understanding differences, appreciating each other, career exploration and academic honesty.  Another focus of advising class is on team building and community bonding to help students and staff to create positive relationships that will last throughout the year.
  • YMCA Field-Trip: 6th & 7th Grade Students participate in anti-bullying community building field-trip at the Hockomock Area YMCA in North Attleboro. The trip focuses on teambuilding and character building activities. Students also engage in meaningful discussions about stopping bullying. The day ends with students being able to try a high ropes element if they want to. It is always great to see students cheer each other on and encourage each other.
  • Pep Rally:  A Pep Rally is a great event to show our school spirit, connect students in our school community, and help students get excited to try their best.

Middle school is a challenging time for all. Successes and failures are opportunities for growth.  No one gets a full scholarship to college based on 7th grade and, similarly, no one is eliminated from going to college if 8th grade doesn’t go as well as planned.  A balance of academics, social life and extracurricular activities is key to a successful middle school experience.

Call us, email, or come in for a meeting – we’re here to support student success!

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