Post-Secondary Transition

Each year hundreds of thousands of students are filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and hope while they begin their academic careers at colleges and universities across the country. Freshman entering into their initial college experience are often faced with a host of transition issues. It is important that students have effective strategies to address these issues and help them cope with the normal cognitive, social, and transitional challenges related to the first year college experience.

FRCS school counselors attend to the developmental concerns graduating seniors.Counselors strive to address students’ apprehensions about college, process their current transitions, and to plan for their future. The Massachusetts Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs’ (2005) mission statement mentions that school counselors need to develop and implement programs that provide skills to students to ensure their academic, personal, and social success. Specific objectives include providing skills needed to better students’ success in higher education, to focus on students’ developmental attitudes, and to develop interpersonal skills to foster social interactions.

FRCS’s Senior Advising course is a mandatory course for all seniors which addresses all of these objectives.

Topics include:

  • Considering family experiences and expectations with college
  • College comparisons
  • Dealing with rejection letters
  • Stress management
  • Peer review of college applications
  • Financial aid information
  • Advice from recent graduates
  • Sorting priorities and allowing for options
  • College decision making
  • Setting priorities
  • Self-reflecting from freshman year to senior year
  • Taking care of yourself on campus
  • Summer planning to help the transition process

Specific topics talked about involving campus life include health care, wellness, support services, making choices, social awareness, and mental health.


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