Graduation Requirements – Summer School

Graduation and promotion requirements, as well as summer school procedures, are explained in the student handbook.  The student handook states the school policy and should be referenced for any detailed questions or concerns.  A summary is povided below.

Graduation Requirements –

All students and families should be familiar with our graduation requirements.   Students will take six major courses each year, worth 3.0 credits each, as well as Integrated Arts (Physical Education, Health, Computers, and Foundation of Art).

High   School Course Expectations

English 4 years Concentration   Courses (2 Required) 4 years
Mathematics 4 years Physical Education 4 years
World Language   (Spanish) 4 years Integrated Arts 4 courses
Science* 4 years  (3 Req)    (A combination of Fine Arts, Health and   computer classes – 3 Required)
History* 4 years  (3 Req)

* Students will take four years of History or Science unless approved for a Senior Independent Enrichment capstone course.

In addition to course requirements, students complete a college/career portfolio assignment each year.