Career Exploration

Career Exploration

The career exploration tools in Naviance are used throughout middle and high school in the school counseling curriculum. This includes career interest surveys, Road Trip nation career videos, and making connections between academic, college, and career plans.

Special events are also organized to help students investigate and understand career options and develop workplace readiness skills including:

6th Grade Career Fair

6th grade students will have the opportunity to learn about careers from five presenters, each with a different career.  Students will spend two periods listening to various presentations and completing an assignment to encourage them to think about what careers might interest them.  Students will also complete a pre-assignment on career research using videos on the Massachusetts Career Information System website (

8th Grade College/Career Connection Seminar

8th grade students will attend a seminar given by our Senior Independent Enrichment students.  These aspiring and high achieving seniors will present their senior projects using Web 2.0 technology, interactive demonstrations, and examples from their experiential learning.   8th grade students will see first hand how seniors have chosen topics related to their college and career interests and taken the initiative to learn “outside the box” and prepare themselves for life after high school.

10th Grade Career Interview Fair

Sophomores participate in the annual Career Interview Fair.   Volunteers from our school community will stage mock job interviews with small groups of students.  Students will complete a sample job application, dress professionally, and be able to sign up for two career interviews from a list of possible careers.    One student from each group interview will “get the job” and be invited to attend a “power lunch” with other job winners as well as faculty and administration. This photo demonstrates our 2017 students who were “hired”.









When students have a sense of the work world and what type of work they might like, many important connections between school, college, and career become clearer.    Students and families are encouraged to:

  • Coordinate at least one Job Shadow.

A Job Shadow is an opportunity for a to student visit an employer and spend time with an employee on the job.  A Job Shadow Packet must be completed.  Copies are also available in the Guidance office.   The packet helps students coordinate the visit, interview the employee during the day, reflect on the experience, and send a thank you.

This provides information for middle and high school students, as well as adults, about career options, occupational outlooks, and education requirements.  Click on High School and on the next screen enter your town and zip code to enter the site.

While exploring areas of interest through academics, it is important for students to understand their interests and strengths, and to gain a realistic outlook on how what it would be like to work in a particular career field. Here are some options for high school students to explore different careers and to understand their interests and strengths.

 Career Readiness and Skills Information

10 Skills Employers Seek Most – Forbes recently published an interesting article about skills for the workplace – click here for the article.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

In order to find a proper career fit, it is important to understand your own personality type. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) helps individuals understand how they view the world and make decisions.  There are four different pairs each with two different preferences that a person is placed into based on multiple choice answers.

 These categories include:

  1. Extroversion/Introversion
  2. Sensing/Intuition
  3. Thinking/Feeling
  4. Judging/Perception

After the test, a 4 letter code is given to the test-taker to display their individual pereferences (Ex: ESTJ). There are 16 different combinations. The test taker is then able to read about each category and understand their unique personality traits. From here, a person can use this information to better understand which types of occupations will be most complementary to their personality style and view of the world

                   Take the Test Now! Test Similar to the MBTI:

 Holland Codes

Students can also take a career interest test to find their Holland Code. A Holland Code is a 3 letter code that is comprised based on the personality traits of 6 different areas:

  1.  Realisitic (Doers)
  2. Investigative (Thinkers)
  3.  Artistic (Creators)
  4.  Social (Helpers)
  5.  Enterprising (Persuaders)
  6.  Conventional (Organizers)

While all 3 letters of a person’s code showcases their personality strenghts, the first letter of a person’s code is their strongest personality type. For example, SAE (Social, Artistic, Enterprising) is a possible code. A person who scores SAE is strongest in the social area. These types of individuals tend to work best in fields such as education and counseling. This person also has strong artistic and enterprising capabilities. After a person learns their unique 3 letter code, they are able to learn more about their personality style and which careers are best suited for their individual set of personality structure.

Free Online Test to discover Holland Code (No affiliation with Self-Directed Search):

Other Resources

Through this online database, students are able to find occupations based on interests, abilities, knowledge, skills, work values, etc. Students can also see which occupations are expected to grow faster than others and browse careers based on the sector or see job clusters based on common skill sets. For more information, please click on the link above.

Career Planning Tips: