Scholarships can be very important in making college decisions.  It takes time and energy to find and complete applications, but just a little effort, in some cases, and you could receive money for college expenses.  Here are some resources about how to find them and how to apply.

FRCS Scholarships:

Thanks to the generosity of the FRCS community, several scholarships are available exclusively for our seniors.  Download important documents below:

Applications for

FRCS Scholarships

The Darren Taylor White Memorial

 The Emily Harrop Memorial

The David John Curry Memorial

are due to the Guidance Office by 3:00pm May 5, 2017.

Merit Scholarships:

  • Are offered by the college; sometimes require separate applications and sometimes do not
  • Given to “well rounded” students; i.e. has good grades, does extra curricular activities, and has strong recommendations
  • Generally span all four years of college
  • Can be lost due to inadequate grades

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship:

  • Given by the state of Massachusetts
  • Student must score “Advanced” on either Math or English, and proficient in the other, or be within the top 25% of scores in the district
  • Students must submit the FAFSA
  • Only to be used at public universities, colleges, and community colleges
  • Must be a legal resident of the state
  • Spans all 4 years of college
  • Must maintain a 3.0 GPA to keep the scholarship

Local Scholarships:

Find scholarships in your town!

Athletic Scholarships:

  • Awarded for excellence in a certain sport; “recruited” by the college either in person or online
  • Can fully pay for tuition (in some cases)
  • More money from more athletically competitive schools
  • Larger scholarships for more popular sports
  • Students must abide to college rules and state laws in order to continue qualifying
  • Must maintain a certain GPA
  • Spans as long as you are active on the sports team
  • More information can be found here

Art Scholarships:

  • Given based on artistic skill
  • Require an art portfolio
  • Generally given by art schools or schools with art programs
  • May be any type of art (painting, photography, drawing, etc.)
  • More informatinon can be found here and here

Other Scholarships:

There are several other scholarships available, most requiring just a short essay about why you’re the most eligible for it.

Scholarships come in all sizes, from full tuition to just $50 for books. However, any money is helpful when paying for college. Applying for any and all scholarships possible is the best bet for students. Writing a ten-minute essay now is worth not having to worry over paying astronomical student loans later. Find scholarships you may be eligible for here, and more categories of scholarships here.

Keeping (or losing) Scholarships:

Scholarships often have conditions to them and many things can put scholarships in jeopardy.  Most merit scholarships require students to complete their high school academics in good standing and maintain similar performance through graduation.  The greatest risk to any scholarship is poor choices that compromise a student’s character or academic standing.  In addition, any criminal charges are likely to dramatically affect scholarships.  Drug and alcohol use are also common causes to lose scholarships.  Most colleges can access potential students’ Facebook and Twitter pages.  This information can also reflect poorly on students so they should post content responsibly.