College Visits and Fairs

College Fairs and Visits at FRCS

Each year, FRCS 10th and 11th grade students attend the Boston National College Fair to help narrow their decision about which schools they are interested in, with hundreds of colleges to choose from. Additionally, early in the school year, representatives from nearby colleges are present at the school to answer questions for students.

national College Fair information can be found at

College Fair Preparation and Tips:

Why go on to a College Fair or on a College Visit?

  • Each campus has a different “feel” from the pamphlets they give out
  • Some things are overly or under emphasized by the college in their pamphlets
  • Real students give tours, so they are usually very honest about the school’s flaws
  • They often include very helpful question and answer sessions
  • It’s always good to have a first-hand look
  • It counts as an excused absence from school

 Important questions to ask on tours and at college fairs:

  • What size school am I comfortable at?
  • How close is this school to home? Am I comfortable this far away?
  • Does this school have an academic major or program I am interested in?
  • What types of degrees does this school offer (associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate)? Is this the type of degree I will need to be successful?
  • What is the student to faculty ratio?
  • How difficult is the course work? Will I be overwhelmed or bored?
  • How much financial aid does the school provide? Will I be able to afford this education?
  • What types of people go to this school? Are they generally friendly, or keep to themselves? Are these the types of people I will feel comfortable around?
  • How large are the dorms, and are they comfortable?
  • How’s the food?
  • What type of career services office does this school offer? Will they help me find internships or a job once I graduate?
  • What types of clubs and organizations does this school offer?
  • Do I have the qualities and qualifications needed to get into this school?
More questions to ask: