College Advising Classes

Junior and Senior advising classes meet all year and provide a unique opporutnity for students to plan for college and/or post-secondary education, as well as career options.  Students receive over 75 lessons during these two years related to the process of college applications/admissions and determining career interests and readiness.  Contact Mr. Elsner with questions about these classes.  The course calendars are provided below.

Junior Advising Calendar 2017-2018 – Term 1

Senior Advising Calendar 2017-2018

All students use the Naviance system for college and career exploration in these classes.  Junior and seniors must be familiar with and use the system for assignments and to have information sent to colleges for applications.  Additional course information and materials are posted in the Document Library on Naviance.

Two important resources for college planning are:

FRCS College Handbook September 2017

Massachusetts State Universities and College Admissions