Academic Support Resources
  • Various academic supports are available at FRCS.  Considering needs of your student is important for academic success.  This Academic Support Resources guide is provided to help families understand supports available and also to give a framework for considering the appropriate level of intervention.
Writing Standards/Resources
  • FRCS has adopted writing expectations by grade level. The school uses the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) guidelines for students to cite sources and provide Works Cited pages.
  • Citation Machine:  This is an electronic resource to help students use citations in their research papers. Make sure students select the MLA format, the type of resource they are citing (book, journal article, etc),  The information also includes how the source should be referenced in their Works Cited page. If you are referencing a book, you can use the ISBN/Web lookup. Simply type in the ISBN # into the search box and all the citation will be available!

Official SAT Questions

Real SAT Subject Tests Questions