Academic Enrichment Programs

Academic Enrichment has been implemented at FRCS as a structured support to enhance academic learning. AE at FRCS comes in two forms:

Academic Enrichment during the school day

The Academic Enrichment period is in students’ schedules every other day. It is after lunch for high school students and before lunch for middle school students. There is also a full AE period incorporated into the students schedules. AE time serves a lot of purposes that include, but are not limited to:

  • Tutoring
  • Group work
  • Make up tests/quizzes
  • SAT prep
High School
Starting this year, all high school students will have a common AE in the cafeteria. This will be on Day 6, 2nd to last period. This opportunity is a privilege, and not a right for students. It is expected that all students use this time wisely. This will increase the accessibility of FRCS faculty and staff to reach students (for tutoring, college info, etc). It is also a great opportunity for students to work collaboratively with each other and their instructors.


After School Academic Enrichment Program

The After School Academic Enrichment program will be based on teacher recommendation only during the 2012-2013 school year. The program will be focused on specific academic needs in math, ELA and Spanish and will consist of structured learning labs.
Registration forms will be available for students who are recommended for this program. Forms will be distributed directly to program students by the subject Instructional Leader.
The program is anticipated to start mid October. Students enrolled in this year’s After School Academic Enrichment program will be eligible for late bus services.

Placement of specific AE rooms is based on:

  • IL recommendations
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Grades
  • Test scores
  • Other data
Instructional Leader Contact Information
Mrs. Amanda Turcotte, English Language Arts
Ms. Annie Azarloza, World Languages
For additional details or information please contact the Extended Day Coordinator at (508) 543-2508 ext. 325