Character Education

What is Character Education? 

Educating students about character and behavior expectations is an integral part of our day. FRCS has two Character Education counselors, and every classroom in grades K-8 receives one Character Education lesson during each six day cycle.

Ms. Melissa Costa teaches Character Education in grades K-4.

Ms. Emily Anderson teaches Character Education in grades 5-8.

Character Education lessons are active and hands-on, and each lesson teaches students about the FRCS Monthly Character Topics. These topics are about the skills and traits needed to be successful!

What Are Your Students Learning About in Character Education This Week?

Kindergarten & First Grade:


Kindergarten and First grade learned about whole body listening utilizing the book “Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen” By Howard Binkow. Students learned that whole body listening includes eyes are looking, ears are listening, body is in control, and mouth is quiet. Each student created their very own “Howard” writing a way they could be a great whole body listener.  Mrs. Maguire’s Kindergarten Class is pictured above.

Second Grade:


Second Grade learned about citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen including having self-control, showing kindness, using manners, being helpful, and contributing to the community. Students were given various situation cards and they worked cooperatively to determine if it was a smart citizen choice. Students worked in cooperative learning groups to create a “Good Citizen Sam” listed ways to be good citizens in their communities.  Mrs. Cottrell’s Second Grade Class is pictured above.

Third & Fourth Grade:


Third and Fourth Grade learned about ways to be an upstander against bullying utilizing the book “ The Juice Box Bully” by Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy. Each student made the anti-bullying juice box promise. The bulletin board created with the juice boxes is pictured above.

Fifth Grade:


Fifth Grade is exploring conflict during their Character Education lessons this year. This week, students learned about different conflict styles, and identified which conflict style “animal” they are. Students also took a short quiz to help them figure out which conflict behaviors are helpful and which conflict behaviors are harmful.

Sixth Grade:


Sixth Grade watched one of the popular “Rules for Success” videos with the First Lady’s rules for success. They discussed which “rules” they have used in their lives, and how. Next cycle, students will begin growing their skill-sets for success by starting the curriculum Overcoming Obstacles!

Seventh Grade:

Students watched several “slam poetry” or “spoken word” videos, and discussed the different, positive ways they can express themselves. Next time, students will begin a unit on the Civil Rights Movement that will continue through the end of the school year.

Eighth Grade:


Students watched a short video on the “Science of Happiness” and learned the having gratitude is the best way to remain happy, no matter how hard things get. Our students then completed an “experiment” they witnessed in the video: they wrote letters to a person who is influential in their lives, and a few brave volunteers called that person during class and read them the letter out loud. Not only did our students notice their own happiness levels increase, they supported each other as a team through an emotional activity. Pictured is a student from section 8A.