Character Education

What is Character Education? 

Educating students about character and behavior expectations is an integral part of our day.  FRCS has two Character Education counselors, and every classroom in grades K-8 receives one Character Education lesson during each six day cycle.

Character Education lessons are active and hands-on, and each lesson teaches students about the FRCS Monthly Character Topics. These topics are about the skills and traits needed to be successful!

What Are Your Students Learning About in Character Education?1
All students K-4 participated in celebrating “National School Counseling Week” by completing Ms. Costa’s Counselor Challenge. Each day the students had to complete a task related to our Character Education topics.

  • Day #1 Gratitude/Thankfulness: The students wrote on a paper heart who has inspired them at FRCS. The hearts were displayed on the bulletin board. (Pictured Above)
  • Day #2 Friendship: The students were challenged to learn two new things about a student in their class.
  • Day #3 Kindness: The students were challenged to complete three random acts of kindness.2
  • Day #4 Everyone is Unique: The students were challenged to think of four ways in which their talents contribute to the FRCS community.
  • Day #5 Share a Smile: The students were challenged to share their smile and give five compliments to others.



In celebration of “No Name Calling Week”…

All Kindergarten through Grade 4 students participated in an initiative “Everyone Counts” based on the book “One” by Kathryn Otoshi. Kindergarten and First Grade students created a class book describing how they can make a difference in the lives of others and how everyone counts. Second Grade students wrote about how they each count in our FRCS community and how they can help others count. Third and Four Grade students wrote about how someone has made a difference in their lives and how they can be upstanders in our FRCS community. We concluded this week with all students K-4 being assigned a number from 1-549 that they wore proudly to our assembly in the gymnasium where we celebrated each one of students being a special part of our FRCS community.

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During our Character Education topics of Self-Motivation and Courage, we discussed how unique and special we are and how important it is to have the courage to always be true to yourself. Kindergarten and First Grade read the book “Elmer” by David McKee and completed a journal describing how they are one of a kind and created their own Elmer the Elephant. Second, Third, and Fourth Grade students read the book “A Bad Case of Strips” by David Shannon. Second Grade students wrote about who takes care of them when they have a bad case of the stripes and drew a picture of Camilla Cream during their favorite part of the story. Third and Fourth Grade students created their own Camilla Cream that listed their unique talents and characteristics. The bulletin board displaying these projects is pictured above.