SAFETY FIRST! Very Important FRCS Drop Off/Pickup Traffic Procedure Reminders

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SAFETY FIRST! Very Important FRCS Drop Off/Pickup Traffic Procedure Reminders

We thank you in advance for being respectful and careful when traveling on our campus with your children and your support in protecting our entire school community!  Please take extra special care when dropping off and picking up and visiting FRCS; the safety of our students, staff and visitors is our top priority.

Please know that our students should only be dropped off on the Foxborough Regional Charter School property/campus.  There is NO pick-up and/or drop-off permitted anywhere off campus!  Not only is it unsafe for students but the pedestrian flow adds additional delays within our parking lot.

Please do NOT utilize in any way the following neighbor’s properties and/or businesses:

  • Please do NOT drop off/pick up students anywhere on Central Street/Route 140 – this is extremely unsafe and very dangerous!
  • Please do NOT use the following:
    • Leonard Street and West Leonard Street roadways as an access/cut through!
    • Leonard Street and West Leonard Street residents driveways as a turnaround!
    • Driveways and/or shoulders in front of or adjacent to private homes on Central Street/Route 140.
    • Please do NOT park and walk from Winslow’s Auto!
    • 132 Central Street Business Park (directly across the street from FRCS) please…
      • Do NOT park in this parking lot, stop traffic and send or escort your child(ren) across Route 140
      • Do NOT TURN LEFT and use their parking lot as a means to cut through and/or to make a u turn
  • Mobil Station next door to FRCS
  • Police will take action!

We work very hard to be good neighbors – these individual homes and business locations are private property.

The business owners and home owners can and will notify the police and the School of trespassing (vehicles making u-turns, vehicle parking, standing and or vehicles using their properties to ‘cut-through’ etc.).

These rules apply to both morning drop off and afternoon pick up procedures.

In addition, please note:

  • NO double parking is allowed. Please arrive at the appropriate drop-off & pick-up times and park in the designated parking areas.
  • School personnel will cross students safely in crosswalks in the parking lot. Please do not summon your child(ren) to your car via cell phone as they would not be safely crossing the parking lot when not in supervised crossing areas.
  • During posted times, there is NO left turn onto route 140 when exiting our parking lot. Buses are the only exception. Please be considerate of all drivers trying to exit our campus and keep the traffic flowing.

In the event you experience an unsafe situation on or near our grounds, please contact our Operations Division which oversees facilities.

2016-2017 Drop Off, Dismissal and Pick Up Procedures

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