FRCS Girls Volleyball Team Captures SIXTH Consecutive Championship Trophy

FRCS Girls Volleyball Team Captures SIXTH Consecutive Championship Trophy

Back to back to back to back to back to back!

The FRCS girls’ volleyball team captured their sixth consecutive MCSAO league championship trophy on Friday November 3rd!

Six straight – from 2012, the first year of the league until the present!

Not only is FRCS the only team ever to win a MCSAO girls volleyball championship, FRCS kindergartners and first graders have never lived in a world where anyone other than FRCS is the girls’ volleyball champion!  Since the inception of the league, the girls have posted a 74-3 league record.

It was an awesome championship match. The FRCS girls, playing with a seemingly mathematically impossible 200% heart, swept South Shore Charter School with scores of 25-9, 25-17 and 25-19.  Earlier in the season, South Shore, a tough team with a solid core of strong, classy players, had beaten FRCS to snap FRCS’ 70 game league win streak. Beat us once?  Fine.  Twice?  Never! The FRCS volleyball team ponders, thinks, reacts and adapts like the unstoppable juggernaut it is!

FRCS came out strong executing a six point game plan with sophomore Maya “Panera” Chubet starting the match off with four ace serves en route to scoring 19 points on serves in the match.  Her sister, sophomore Lydia “Bearclaw” Chubet picked apart the South Shore defense with several kills from the setting position all while putting up tremendous sets for the hitters to capitalize on!  Maya and Lydia were both named league all-stars and have been starting for FRCS since they were sixth graders!  The rumor that the FRCS coaches have asked the Chubet parents to have more children is 100% true!

FRCS also dominated at the net, with sophomore Abby “Cinderella” Alcide and freshman Kamsi “Scream Queen” Igbobi confidently blocking and taking apart the South Shore defense, including Kamsi’s straight down kill shot to win the match.

Kudos also go to outside hitters, juniors Judy “Picasso” Kariuki and Sophia “Granny” Boyko, who, in accordance with the FRCS game plan, mixed power shots with strategically aimed dinks to keep South Shore off balance.

Of course, attacks by the hitters aren’t possible without great passes from the defense and for FRCS, senior Libero, Cindy “the Rebel” Le, junior Fayth Romero and freshman Audrey “Gravedigger” Tran covered the back row popping up the South Shore attacks.

Additionally, freshman Mary “Home Boy” Karanja and junior Nicole “Spaz” Kennedy continued to dominate as serving specialists.

Four FRCS players were honored with post-season awards.  The Chubets were named league all-stars and Cindy Le and Judy Kariuki got honorable mentions.  Do you know what all four of those star players have in common?  Their G.P.A.s are all 4.0!

Kudos also go to the FRCS bench, all of whom stepped in when needed during the long and grueling season, especially Kosi “Sass Queen” Igbobi without whom the team would never have been able to capture the #1 seed! And kudos also to scorekeepers Marina Spenciner, Hayley Harrison and Tom Howells, whose eagle eyes caught every technical violation by opposing teams over the course of the season, including one in the championship.

And where would a team be without its fans?  The girls give an ear deafening shout out to the students, alums, parents and teachers who made the arduous trip to Salem through rain and Friday night traffic.  Included in that group was 2016 FRCS grad Sarina Spolidoro, who volunteered to sit in the front row of the bleachers and accurately make the call whether the ball was in or out to help the team.  Sarina was one of many FRCS grads/volleyball alums from both the boys and girls teams who made the trip on a college Friday night to come support their old team!  Once a Falcon, always a Falcon.  Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!

And we leave you with this – a viral ESPN video showing a once in a lifetime highlight play by a University of Nebraska volleyball player.

This might be the craziest volleyball shot ever –

Stop what you’re doing right now and watch one of the craziest, improbable, acrobatic volleyball plays ever.   A one-armed swing about 30 feet from the net.  In mid-air …

Wait?  Did we say once in a lifetime?  FRCS’ own Lydia Chubet pulled off this same play in game one of the championship!  Amazing!