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A Community Service Learning Initiative of FRCS Teaching Life Lessons Based on World History

Aug 31st 2014

A Community Service Learning Initiative of FRCS Teaching Life Lessons Based on World History

LATEST UPDATE: As of August 25,2014, 4,082,318 stamps had been donated and counted for The Holocaust Stamps Project! Download details here!

Can you help us in our efforts to COLLECT 11,000,000 POSTAGE STAMPS?


The postage stamp collage art, “The Kindertransport” recalls the heroic efforts of Europeans to rescue 10,000 children from the Nazis.

Our goal is to honor the memories of 6 MILLION JEWS, including 1.5 million children, plus 5 MILLION OTHERS considered by the Nazis to be “enemies of the State”.

FRCS Students have completed eleven (11) of a planned series of eighteen (18) postage stamps collage artworks, using thousands of the collected stamps.

Each 18 by 24 inch picture depicts the stories and lessons connected with what FRCS students are learning about the people whose lives were touched by the Holocaust.

(Visit our webpage here for photos and descriptions.)

You can help!

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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure Reminders – Help Us Be a Good Neighbor!

Aug 30th 2014

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure Reminders; Please Review Carefully

2014-2015 Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Help us be a good neighbor!

Do not utilize in any way the following neighbor’s properties and/or businesses:

  • 132 Central Street Business Park (across the street from FRCS)
  • Mobil Station next door to FRCS
  • Driveways and/or shoulders in front of or adjacent to private homes on Central Street/Route 140.
  • The West Leonard Street roadway (as an access/cut through)

These business locations and individual homes are private property.

The business owners and home owners can and will notify the police of trespassing (vehicles making u-turns, vehicle parking, standing and or vehicles using their properties to ‘cut-through’ etc.).

These rules apply to both morning drop off and afternoon pick up procedures.

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Foxborough Regional Charter School Updates….

Aug 29th 2014

Foxborough Regional Charter School Updates….

Dear Families,

We have been planning all summer and are excited to begin the school year.  From strengthening the curriculum and assessment program to conducting varied and comprehensive professional development this past week, faculty and staff are prepared to welcome our students and families back to school!

As we begin the year, it is important for our entire school community to be aware of school policies, procedures, and programs.  The 2014-2015 Foxborough Regional Charter School Student & Parent Handbook has been posted.  This comprehensive guide is a great go-to resource for many school-related items.

Another important resource is our recently updated Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan.  As you know, we take the safety and security of our entire school community extremely seriously.  In fact, we believe that for students to be truly engaged in their learning, they must be and feel physically and emotionally safe.  We are committed to providing this learning environment for … Read the rest

An Insider’s View of Massachusetts Charter Schools

Aug 28th 2014

An Insider’s View of Massachusetts Charter Schools

To read a recently published Op Ed in The Sun Chronicle – “An insider’s view of Massachusetts Charter Schools” written by Elizabeth DeFanti, Grade 10 Foxborough Regional Charter School scholar click here.… Read the rest

2014-2015 Important Traffic, Safety & Parking Lot Procedures

Aug 25th 2014

Traffic, Safety & Parking Lot Procedures – Important Information

Parking Lot Safety – Please Drive Safely and Model Respectful Behavior

The safety of students, staff and parents is a top priority. Please remember in our parking lot to:

  • Drive at the posted speed limit while on school property
  • Yield to pedestrians and cars that are trying to park;
  • Refrain from using electronic devices that may distract your attention
  • Bus lanes are for buses only at all times

The safety of our students, staff and visitors is our top priority, especially during our busy drop off and pick up times. Thank you to all the parents who have been so respectful and careful driving on our campus. Please take special care when traveling on campus.

In addition, please note:

  • NO double parking is allowed. Please arrive at the appropriate drop-off & pick-up times and park in the designated parking areas.
  • School personnel will cross students safely in crosswalks in the parking
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Regional Bus Transportation Update

Aug 22nd 2014
Regional Bus Transportation Update
All registered applicants with current account balances have been emailed their bus stop/route assignments.  2014-2015 bus passes may be picked up during the Open House August 29th.
Please do not attempt to access transportation unless you have received written confirmation of a bus route/stop assignment communication AND your student(s) have received their Bus Passes.
Important to Know
  • Students must show their bus pass to the driver each day upon entering the bus. The pass entitles students a school bus ride to and from school.
  • Students are to ride only the bus to which they are assigned.
  • Return Trip Procedures & Return Trip Fees - Download Info Here
Please forward via email any questions or concerns regarding the program to RegionalTransportation.
Thank you.
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Dress Code Reminders

Aug 22nd 2014
Dress Code Reminders

Foxborough Regional Charter School has a strict Dress Code Policy. Review the full policy HERE. School colors are navy, white and khaki.

All shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters must be navy, white or tan and have the school logo. Shirts can be purchased through the school’s vendor, SchoolPride.

Pants must be solid navy blue or tan and must be tailored (baggie pants, skinny pants and stretch pants are not permitted). If you do not purchase pants through School Pride, they must look similar to the styles offered through the company.

 Skirts and shorts must not be shorter than 2 inches from the knee.

High socks and tights that are worn with skirts and shorts need to be solid navy blue, white, or tan.

Shoes need to enclose the heel and toes.

Contact SchoolPride directly with any questions or to purchase dress code items. Contact information is listed below.

Visit the Store

School Pride Uniforms, Inc.

1471 Main Street… Read the rest

10th Annual Family Fun Day~~FOXBORO NEVER FORGETS

Aug 22nd 2014

10th Annual Family Fun Day~~FOXBORO NEVER FORGETS

2014 McGinty Family Fun Day AdRead the rest

Back to School Summer Open House, Friday, August 29th

Aug 21st 2014
Back to School Summer Open House, Friday August 29th

Our Annual Summer Open House event for families will be held on Friday, August 29, 2014 from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Families may visit the school between those hours to meet classroom teachers.

This informal event is optional.… Read the rest

Summer Reading Lists – Have You Finished Your Assignments?

Aug 21st 2014

Summer Reading Lists – Have You Finished Your Assignments?

Just in case your child(ren) have procrastinated…….listed below is the Summer 2014 Reading List by grade, please download here the list of required reading if your student(s) is entering in the fall of 2014:

 … Read the rest