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Thank you for your interest in Foxborough Regional Charter School! The most recent lottery results are posted by grade level below.  If your child’s application was processed before the March 2014 lottery please email outreach@foxboroughrcs.org to find your Wait List standing.

How do I search the Wait Lists?

Click on your child’s grade level in the box below.  When you open the document enter your identification number in the tool bar ‘find’ box.  Your child’s waitlist number is listed in the column adjacent to your assigned ID number. That is the number your child holds on our current waitlist. You may also find your number by simply scrolling down the ID number column.

Kindergarten  positions are offered in March immediately following the Lottery.  All other grade level positions are offered in July as they become available. Updated Wait List standings are published to the website in March and October.

If you have multiple children processed through a lottery or currently on the waitlist:

  •  At the time that one of your children is offered a position to Foxborough Regional Charter School, you will be requested to submit a birth certificate for any other children that you have on the waitlist.
  • Upon receipt of the birth certificate and once your first child has attended his/her first day of school, your other child(ren) will be updated to sibling status. This will change their position on the waitlist and reflect their new sibling status.

Please email any questions to the Outreach and Development Department at outreach@foxboroughrcs.org.

Current Wait List Standing by Grade Level

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