Enrollment Process

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After the March lottery, kindergarten positions are offered for the fall of the following year. When a position is open, an offer letter is sent out to students in the order of their waitlist placement. Official Offers of Enrollment are sent out via regular mail through the postal service.  In cases where a valid email address is available, email notification may also be used for informational purposes.


Transportation is available for all Foxborough residents and can be coordinated by parents directly through the town of Foxborough. A regional transportation program is in place that serves all sending district areas outside of Foxborough. Transportation registration for each school year takes place in the spring preceding the school year. Demand for transportation is far greater than supply and the program is first come, first serve. Transportation for all sending districts  other than Foxborough, is limited and  not guaranteed.  Families are responsible for securing independent transportation arrangements prior to enrollment.  Transportation should be considered well in advance of acceptance.


Once an offer has been extended, a family has seven (7) business days to return (1) the registration packet; (2) proof of residency; (3) child’s birth certificate; (4) documentation of a physical exam within the last 365 days along with a complete immunization record; and (5) A copy of your child’s most recent official report card from previous school district (students entering grades 1 through 12). To be eligible for enrollment in grades one through twelve, the prospective student must have successfully completed the grade preceding the one in which a position is offered.  Proof of a prospective student’s academic standing is required.

Completed registration packets must be submitted to the Admissions Office by a parent/legal guardian, in person ony, by their due date.  The School accepts and processes registration packets during regular school hours by appointment only.

Registration packets must be submitted in person by a parent/legal guardian and reviewed by the Admissions Department in order to accept the position and secure your child’s enrollment.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to process registration, assign a homeroom and create a schedule for your child after the school receives a complete and approved registration packet. Please provide a birth certificate for any siblings on the waitlist upon submission of your registration packet. (When a student completes their first day in the classroom, any siblings on the waitlist will be reassigned as “sibling status”.) Once your child is registered/enrolled, a family in need of transportation may contact our transportation department at transportation@foxboroughrcs.org. Our regional transportation program is  limited and is first come, first served.  As regional bus transportation services are not guaranteed for all students, families should consider alternate transportation arrangements in advance of acceptance.

Starting School

The school will notify families by telephone of a student start date and provide information about the transition, which may include academic assessment and a range of social emotional supports. Students who accept positions prior to the start of a school year must attend an annual summer open house to orient them to the school. To support the transition, students starting after the first day of school meet in the Central Office for a brief orientation. Resources to ensure a successful transition for families are available based on the individual needs of each student.