Application Process

Lottery Application, Grades K-12


Applications are available in the Central Office or may be downloaded from the school website.  Applications may be filled out online, sent to the school by certified mail, or submitted in person to the Central Office.  All applications must have a valid Massachusetts address listed as their permanent residence, and to which all communication will be mailed to be eligible for the lottery.

Entry into the Foxborough Regional Charter School is gained through public lottery.  Applications may be submitted all year long.


Applications must be submitted by close of business on the Friday before February break.

Each application is assigned an ID number to maintain anonymity in the lottery process. Lottery applications are categorized into three groups (1) sibling; (2) in-district; and (3) out-of-district.

Applications are drawn at each grade level in the following order: Sibling applications have priority and are processed first. In-district applications are processed second and out-of-district applications are processed third.

Results are documented electronically, manually and through the tracking of the drawn cards and are verified within 24 hours of the lottery. After results have been cross referenced and verified, they are officially posted to the school website.  Lottery Event Frequently Asked Questions answered here.


Reflecting the lottery process, the waitlist is prioritized by (1) sibling preference, (2) in- district applicants and (3) out-of-district applicants.

Each waitlist family should contact immediately to update any changes in contact information including phone, email and mailing address.

Offers for the current school year are made through February 15th of each year. Families of students on the waitlist should be prepared with the following documents in order to meet the seven business day deadline of an offer: (1) proof of residency; (2) child’s birth certificate; (3) documentation of a physical exam within the last 365 days;  (4) a complete immunization record and (5) A copy of your child’s most recent official report card from previous school district (students entering grades 1 through 12).