Regional Bus Stops

Regional Transportation Program

Throughout the school year we will continue to communicate through personal phone calls, direct mail and by using our AlertNow system to reach you by phone and/or email. Please know that we are committed to working with you to ensure the safety of all students. We thank you for participating in our program and for your patience, support and assistance.

2017-18 Regional Transportation Program –  Bus Routes/Stops*

Pick up & Drop off times may alter by up to 10 minutes due to traffic & unforeseeable circumstances.

Please arrive 10 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled drop off and pick up times.

*When submitting an online transportation application and selecting bus stop options if you select more than one (1) the second and third options selected must be different bus stops.

Any Bus Route and Bus Stop assignments and/or adjustments will be at the sole discretion of Foxborough Regional Charter School & the Vendetti Bus Company.

Bus route/stop assignment requests, stop changes, route reassignment requests or dismissal changes that are left by voicemail will not be accommodated, these request’s must be made in writing.

Contact Information

Should you have questions or need clarification on any components of the Transportation Program, please contact the Transportation Department at .