Board Of Trustees

Foxborough Regional Charter School – Board Of Trustees

As public agents authorized by the state, the members of the Board of Trustees of the Foxborough Regional Charter School are responsible for governing the school and hold the charter for the school, as it is granted by the Board of Education.  A strong Board of Trustees defines the mission of the school, develops school policies and changes them when appropriate, hires qualified personnel to manage the school’s day-to-day operations and holds them accountable for meeting established goals, and formulates a long-range plan and charter school Accountability Plan that will ensure the school’s continued stability.  In addition to its many other responsibilities, the Board must ensure that the school is complying with all of the state and federal laws that apply to the school and that the Board itself is operating in accordance with the rules set out by all applicable Massachusetts laws and regulations.  Finally, the Board is responsible for operating the school in accordance with its charter and with any approved amendments to its charter.

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Board meetings are open to the public  and are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month at the school.  Please check the school calendar for the actual days and times of meetings. Members of the audience who wish to address the board may do so during the “Privilege of the Floor” portion of the monthly Board meeting. Forms for Privilege of Floor, for items other than those on the agenda, must be submitted by noon the day before the Board meeting in order to be heard during the meeting. Forms may be obtained from and submitted to the school’s central office.

Postings for Upcoming Open/Public Meetings

Board of Trustees Meeting Notice/Agenda

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes 2017


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