International Community Service Success

Outstanding examples of FRCS staff and students giving – during Thanksgiving break 2016 Ms. Amanda Goddard, Nora Kingman, Amanda Hernandez and Wes Griffin participated in an international community service project at the St. George Anglican Primary (grades K-6) School in Ho, Ghana! The Ghana service trip is an extension of our growing international program at FRCS! We worked with the 49 students in grade 2 as well as their instructor, Michael. Part of our service project was to bring some color to his classroom by painting some animal groups murals around the room (mammals, fish, reptiles, etc.) A bit about their school – curriculum is a blend of Christian study and nationalized learning standards. Each Wednesday begins with a school wide worship service. They learn English starting in Kindergarten. The kids were incredibly welcoming, inquisitive, funny and full of energy! It was a wonderful experience for both the St. George students as well as the FRCS team and a great way to give back this holiday season!

Staff members recognized for exemplary scholarship, service, and leadership!

  • A shout out goes to 4th grade teacher Mr. Jeff Teixeira!  In partnership with Bridgewater State University and a Research and Development Company called: Beyond Benign, he has been learning about how to integrate “Green” Science into our curriculum!  As part of this work, he is leading a group of college students in developing science unit plans based on biomimicry that are designed for the elementary level.  One of the plans is based on how shark skin is bacteria free and how this can be used in high risk areas such as hospitals and schools.  Another unit is based on the body structure of a Namib desert beetle, which collects and stores water through condensation!  Awesome work, Mr. Texeira!
  • A big shout out goes to Ms. DiRodi and our entire Social Studies and History team!  This year’s National History Day was one of the best yet! Not familiar with NHD?  It’s an incredible part of our history curriculum in which students identify a historical topic, figure or event and do a deep, primary source driven dive into that area based on a broad theme that weaves through centuries! This year’s theme was: Taking a Stand.  Students can research any history related topics related to Taking a Stand throughout history.  It gives kids an opportunity to learn about any moment in history and share some really tremendous research with our school community!  Similar to Science Fair, students then present their research to community judges who evaluate their sources, content and overall presentation skills.  It is an outstanding experience!

Recognizing more milestones and awards for our Holocaust Stamps Project

Congratulations to Charlotte Sheer and Jamie Droste who were both recipients of a Holocaust Education Award from Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council. They were presented with these awards on April 24, 2017 at a ceremony inside historic Faneuil Hall in Boston. The Council recognized Charlotte and Jamie for their outstanding work on the FRCS Holocaust Stamps Project, which has been gaining awareness and recognition globally.  Please read the details here! Additionally, this past Sunday, April 30, we hosted our Annual Holocaust Stamps Open House for the community. Over 100 people were in attendance to hear guest speaker and Holocaust survivor, Sam Weinreb talk about his confinement and survival at the Auschwitz-Bireneau Concentration Camp. The collages were available for viewing immediately following the presentation. Despite the cold and rainy weather, it was a nice afternoon inside our media center!  View the Event Program here.

Recognizing and appreciating our teachers and staff! 

In May our school community celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Week with two very special events.  We recognized FRCS faculty and staff who were formally nominated for the 2017 Golden Falcon Award.  We received nearly 200 written testimonials celebrating the powerful and positive impact these employees have had on individual students and families.  We have tremendously dedicated and talented professionals here at FRCS, and it is wonderful that students and parents were so forthcoming in their recognitions.  On Wednesday, we held a ceremony to recognize these staff members.  Congratulations to all well-deserving recipients.  Please click here for a list of awardees!

Holocaust Stamps Project Exhibits at Bristol Community College

On November 4, Mrs. Jamie Droste, Mr. Jim Obenchain, and retired FRCS teacher Mrs. Charlotte Sheer* represented FRCS and the Holocaust Stamps Project at a workshop for educators from southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Holocaust Center at Bristol Community College(BCC, Fall River, MA) and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM,Washington, DC) co-sponsored the program, Teaching About the Holocaust: Using Nazi Propaganda to Create a State of Deception. More than 100 middle school, high school, and college teachers gathered for a powerful presentation and insightful discussion.  The event was organized by Dr. Ron Weisberger, Director of the BCC Holocaust Center and was facilitated by Ms. Carol Danks, USHMM Regional Educator. Many of those in attendance stopped by the HSP display of student-created stamps collages and related materials which Ms. Droste and Mr. Obenchain had been invited to set up. Click here to view the photo album!

*Photographs and write up courtesy of Mrs. Charlotte Sheer