FRCS Academic Teams & Competitions

FRCS offers a variety of outstanding opportunities for students to engage in higher order thinking, critical inquiry, problem-solving, and teaming.  There are numerous clubs and teams designed to advance classroom learning at various grade levels.  Many of these teams perform at very high levels and successfully compete locally, regionally, and statewide against students from various school districts.  A sampling of academic competitions and teams offered in 2016-2017 include:
  • English Spelling Bee (K-4)
  • English Spelling Bee (5-8)
  • Spanish Spelling Bee (2-5)
  • Spanish Spelling Bee (6-12)
  • Northeast Regionals and Semifinals for National Spanish Spelling Bee
  • National Spanish Spelling Bee
  • National History Day (5-8)
  • National History Day (9-12)
  • Geography Bee (5-12)
  • Mock Trial (Varsity and JV)
  • Robotics Team (Varsity 9-12) FTC
  • Robotics Team (JV 5-8) FLL
  • Robotics Team (2-4) Junior FLL
  • Math Team
  • Science Fair (9-12)
  • Science Fair (5-8)
  • Chorus (ES & MS groups)
  • A Capella
  • Orchestra
  • Band
  • Poetry Out Loud
  • Art Club
Students demonstrate tremendous knowledge and ingenuity at annual Science Fair!

After a record turnout for total number of projects completed this year for the FRCS district level high school science fair, FRCS sent (14) award winning students to the Regional III Science Fair held at Bristol Community College in Fall River MA on Saturday March 4th.  Our highly talented scientific minds impressed the judges with their thorough research, ingenuity and application.Awards night was held at BCC on Thursday March 9th and FRCS students were among the top winners. Several students won special awards, certificates and even cash prizes. (5) students received a third place award, (3) students received a Second Place award and there was a FRCS First Place award winner for the second straight year.

All (9) of these students have earned their place at the MA State Science Fair held at MIT in Boston on May 5-6th. Congratulations to all of those who participated in science fair this year. Each year our projects continue to improve which only elevates the quality of research and promotes positive competition among our students.

The following students will represent FRCS at the MA State Science Fair in May:

  • 1st Place: Jared Etienne, Grade 9
  • 2nd Place: Sumit De, Grade 11
  • 2nd Place: Mitchell Green, Grade 11
  • 2nd Place: Isabel Koran, Grade 11
  • 3rd Place: Saatvik Garhwal, Grade 11
  • 3rd Place: Judy Kariuki, Grade 10
  • 3rd Place: Priti Patel, Grade 10

These students deserve a tremendous amount of recognition and praise for their hard work and dedication to science and for representing FRCS at these amazing competitions. We would like to thank everyone who throughout the school year supports our Science Fair participants!  Although it is the student’s project staff, parents, family and friends help make it possible and successful.  Thank you to FRCS parent Mr. Jim Green for sharing with us his photo album of the FRCS contingent who competed in the 2017 Fair last weekend at MIT.  Click here to view the photos.

Spelling Bee Winners – Grades 2-5

December is Spelling Bee month at FRCS! Over several nights, FRCS held Spelling Bees for students in grades 2- 8! The competition was fierce this year! The finals in several of the bees went back and forth several times.  Students were challenged with spelling words 2 and 3 grade levels beyond their ages!  Public speaking is a fear for adults and as a child getting up to the microphone in front of family, friends, teachers and community members is no easy thing!  However our students are building public speaking skills at an early age! Our students exhibited outstanding spelling skills AND an amazing stage presence displaying poise and confidence!  Congratulations to all of the winners!

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Super Job Spellers! FRCS 3rd Annual MS Spelling Bee Winners Are….


Congratulations Kemi, Catherine and Zoe!

(29) Middle school students qualified to participate in this year’s event by receiving high scores on a pre-test of 9th Grade level spelling words.

(21) students ultimately competed in the Spelling Bee on December 1st.  Hats off to all of the competitors, all of the students did an excellent job.

Congratulations to the WINNERS of the 3rd Annual Middle School Spelling Bee!

  • 1st Place Winner, Catherine Koran, Gr. 6
  • 2nd Place Winner, Kemi Famobiwo, Gr. 7
  • 3rd Place Winner, Zoe Duran, Gr. 7

Students demonstrate world language knowledge and skill at Annual Spanish Spelling Bees (FRCS & Regionals)

The acquisition of a second language is a key element of our mission and vision. FRCS students are immersed in the Spanish language beginning in Kindergarten, advancing throughout the grades to a level of fluency that has been recognized nationally. In fact, 4 out of 5 graduates of FRCS are fluent in at least two languages and over 90% of our students taking the National Spanish Examination earn national medals and commendations.

We have been holding Spanish Spelling Bees for years, enabling our students to compete against each other. This year we again held Spanish Bees, school wide and in April the semi-finals of the National Spanish Spelling Bee.  The bees are conducted by grade levels in grades two through five and by proficiency levels for middle and high school.  How do you spell success? At the mini-national spelling bee students spelled it en Español.  Students and schools from around the region visited FRCS for a terrific event, download the event program here.   The competition was fierce with many lasting dozens of rounds and nearly two hours each.  Congratulations to all FRCS students who had earned their spots in the semifinals.  We are also pleased to announce several of our students who placed and in fact, some levels we swept:

National Geographic 2017 State Level Geography Bee – FRCS Places….

Every year FRCS hosts an annual Geography Bee in the form of an in-school competition. The Geography Bee draws upon the student’s current and prior knowledge of United States and World Geography through the use of multiple choice questions, classification of geographic regions, and map reading skills, as well as how the five themes of geography (place, location, movement, region, and Human-Environment Interaction) are applied throughout the world we live in. Questions are drawn from physical locations and landforms, political locations, culture regions, climate zones, and current world events. The Geography Bee is open to all students in grades 5-8. Students who are interested in participating must take a written qualifying exam. After the results of the written exam are tallied, the top 10 students will compete in the school Geography Bee, which will be held during the school day in front of the student’s teachers and peers. Participation certificates are issued to all 10 finalists. The winner of the school bee will receive a medal from the National Geographic Society, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Massachusetts State Geography Bee! Participation in the State Bee is contingent on the school winner passing a written qualifying test. If the student qualifies for the State Bee, he or she will compete against other winners from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the right to represent Massachusetts at the National Geography Bee in Washington D. C.!

Music Matters – FRCS Musicians Represent!

FRCS musicians – Chorus, A Capella, Chamber and Advanced Orchestra teams traveled to the Great East Competition to represent us for the third  year in a row. This year, ALL FOUR teams won GOLD! Congratulations to all of the participants and to staff members Mr. Allen, Ms. Salcedo, Mr. Grandel and Mr. Duska for their work with our music teams!