Events and activities at Foxborough Regional Charter School are opportunities to enhance learning, challenge students to test their knowledge, share accomplishments, and recognize achievements. During the 2016-2017 school year, students, staff, families and community members participated in the following ways.


Our teams continue to shine, and are not only recognized for their outstanding individual and team accomplishments on the court, field, or trails, but also for their continued demonstration of character and respect.  Athletic directors, coaches, and school leaders throughout the league consistently comment on the outstanding attributes of our scholar athletes!

Visit our web page to check out this years Scores, Stats and Standings.

FRCS participates in the MCPSAA.  We field sports teams in the following areas:

  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Cheerleading
  • Twirling
  • Girls Softball
  • Boys Baseball


Eighth Grade Celebration

FRCS hosted the annual Celebration for ALL students in the Eighth Grade moving on to high school!

Each student received a certificate and everyone celebrated the student’s successes! Congratulations Class of 2021!

Celebrate the Arts Night

The fifth annual Celebrate the Arts Night, Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 showcased displays of artwork for Elementary, Middle and High School artists around the campus.   FRCS staff adjudicated student artwork across the school with blue ribbons awarded for creativity, design and technique!  In addition, our students music and technical skills were also on display for students, families, friends and staff!

FRCS Celebrates Read Across America Week – Reading is Magic!

Who is your child’s favorite book character?  In honor of Read Across America Week, on Friday, March 24th FRCS students in grades Kindergarten through Grade Four celebrated their favorite BOOK character by dressing up like the character AND by bringing in the character’s book.  The K-2 students and staff paraded around the elementary building to show off!  What a fun event for everyone in the building and a great way to spark conversations about reading!  Check out the creative costumes worn by FRCS students and STAFF! – read about it and check out the fantastic photos here.

Reading is MAGIC! 

If you look at the parade pictures closely, you might notice the Magician (from Malcolm Mitchell’s book, The Magician’s Hat) made it into the parade this year! If you don’t know Malcolm’s story, it’s tremendously inspirational! Malcolm graduated high school unable to read. He worked throughout college and not only taught himself to read but has gone on to publish this children’s book designed to inspire kids to start reading at an early age!  Thanks to the tenacious work of Ms. Harris, Malcolm visited our school during the Read Across America Week to read his book with our elementary and Saturday Academy students! FRCS purchased a copy of the book for each of our students in attendance! You can check out some clips of the event at the Patriots’ website by clicking here.

Fourth Annual FRCS Winter Arts Concert

FRCS hosted its 4th annual Winter Concert in December 2016 and was proud to showcase our Chorus, Acapella and Instrumental Music programs! It was a really great evening and a treat to see the talent of our students on stage!  Attendees were treated to performances by the FRCS Chorus, A Cappella Group, “The Rhythm Riders”, The FRCS Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra & Concert Band.

Fever 1793

Grade 6 students integrate learning and the arts in our annual “Fever 1793″ history event. Dressed in period garb, they take on the roles of blacksmiths, coopers, apothecaries and other professions of the late 1700s. Upon approaching any of our 6th graders, guests were met with historical information of the time, often complete with accents!

Students explained the events surrounding Philadelphia’s Fever of 1973, the social and historical impacts of the outbreak as well as some of the science behind the disease itself, such as transmission, symptoms and period medical procedures to address yellow fever.

Wax Museum

Fourth-grade students, with guidance from their teachers at the Foxborough Regional Charter School commemorate Black History Month each year with an interactive project that culminates in a unique activity known as the Wax Museum. The month-long research endeavor begins when each student is assigned a well-known African-American of any era. Students are required to record important facts about their person using books and online resources. Then they organize their information by creating a scrapbook that highlights that person’s life. Great job all!


National History Day at FRCS!  What’s National History Day? Think of it as Science Fair for History! Click here to learn more!

Students identify a person, event or area of history in which they are interested. They research their topic in great depth, using primary sources, interviews, and other resources. They then develop a competition-ready presentation, delivered to a panel of judges who evaluate their research, writing, and presentation skills.

Honors Achieved  Congratulations to the FRCS Middle and High School National History Day event competitors!  FRCS achieved quite a few honors! Recognized at the event were the following students and their projects:

Junior Individual Exhibit

  • Daniel Currier/Grade 8, Third Place, Ronald Reagan

Junior Group Exhibit

  • Megan Sharma/Gr. 8, Honorable Mention, Joan of Arc Saint & Military Leader
  • Gurleen Kainth/Gr. 8, Honorable Mention, Joan of Arc Saint & Military Leader

Junior Group Website

  • Abigail Bayog/Gr. 7, First Place, Ruby Bridges Changed America
  • Pranaya Srinivasan/Gr. 7, First Place Ruby, Bridges Changed America
  • Tyhisia Desir/Gr. 7, First Place, Ruby Bridges Changed America
  • Nia John/Gr. 7, First Place, Ruby Bridges Changed America

Senior Individual Exhibit

  • Emily Shaheen/Gr. 11, Honorable Mention, Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Taking a Stand for Equality

Senior Group Exhibit

  • Katya Lammey/Gr. 9, Honorable Mention, The Anti-Slavery Riot of 1836 in Mansfield MA
  • Catherine Fandel/Gr. 9, Honorable Mention, The Anti-Slavery Riot of 1836 in Mansfield MA  

Foxborough Regional Charter School had two projects at the state level competition this year – fantastic work History scholars!  For more information about this competition visit the website National History Day.  Thank you to our history department for making this outstanding experience possible!

Spirit Days

Spirit Day is the first Friday of every month, on this day students and staff are welcome to wear non-dress code clothes in return for a donation to the charity of the month. The Spirit Day program creates awareness and supports community based charities. The schedule below reflects by month the organizations the school has chosen to support in 2016-2017, download the calendar here.  It was a very charitable year!

2016-2017 Spirit Day Collections Total